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Programs enrollment will begin fall of 2021!

The Focus of Our Efforts

WCL programs are uniquely designed to target challenging areas and bring awareness to our mentees so that they may overcome obstacles and achieve desire goals.


One on one mentoring

One on one mentoring relationship is built on rapport, trust, and intimacy. Mentors are connected to women from different backgrounds to bring exposure to new experiences, opportunities for career paths, new perspectives to overcome challenges and succeed in life.

Career workshop

Designed to help mentees with identifying career area, Job search, resume/cover letter writing, and mock interviews.

Financial literacy workshop

Through our relationship with Ernest Young Assistance Director we invite financial advisors to conduct a workshop that will assist women with successful financial planning. Understanding the importance of credit. Women will develop short-term and long-term financial goals.  They will establish a checking and saving account, and learn to balance their accounts.  They will develop realistic budgets to fit their needs.  These strategies will help them manage, save, and diversify money.

Parenting workshop

Focus on restoring or strengthening the bond between mother and child (ren) relationship. The workshop helps guide parents to make faith the core or their parenting. The goal is to give fresh insight of parenting children of different ages and a parenting plan unique to each child personality and gifting.

Vision board & Art Therapy workshop

  • Participants will create a vision board based on their goals they want to achieve

  • Art therapy uses different forms of expression to help people explore their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It can help process and cope with emotional issues, trauma as well as promote self – awareness, understanding, and healing. Art therapy is beneficial for people who have trouble expressing themselves.

Continuing education GED preparation program

In the near future well qualified educators will help participants prepare for The Test Assessing Secondary Completion more commonly known as the TASC Test. The TASC exam has 5 parts: math, social studies, science, reading, and writing. Help will be offer with some or all parts depending on the needs.

Investing in Real Estate workshop

This is one of our key areas of focus here  Women & Children of Legacy NY is to help, teach and guide our mentees in creating generational wealth by investing in homeownership.